a moment in time…

Some days I wish I had longer eyelashes…….

Or that it was possible at all for me to be more tidy, that I could walk out of the house without forgetting something or perhaps just be little better at expressing myself.

In the run up to working my make-up wand at a wedding for a lovely young couple near Norfolk this weekend, I am so very grateful for the opportunity to take a little time to think about things and to feel inspired by their courage.

It is very easy to get caught up in our every day lives, things to do..places to go.. must do this, should do that.

How about we take a look at the could and would’s?  If only we had time.

The thing is, for most of us we do have time, a second here, a minute, how about even a whole week?

Take a few minutes, make them special, hold someones hand tight in the middle of a dissagreement, when all you want to do is shout. Watch a spider weave her beautiful web and let out a sigh in it’s wonder. Pay someone you have never met a compliment and make them smile, just because you can. Say thank you, for the little things. For each second that passes, is your second, it is your time to be here, to live and to love.

Jo xx